about me

who is nixx?

I’m based in Australia; in the outer suburbs of Melbourne.

I live with my amazing partner, NicTea, and our gorgeous cat, Rory. NicTea will often pop up in chat with a pun, amusing joke, or tech talk; while Rory knows he’s got the run of the house and will often appear in stream whether getting cuddles from me or zooming around my feet.

For a living, I create websites (mainly in WordPress) within my own business.

When you see me in person, I will usually have bright coloured hair.

where does your name come from?

My name cames from an amalgamation of two words.

Nixx comes from my childhood nickname. After my father passed away in 2020, I wanted to honour him in a small way.

The mer comes from mermaid. It’s pretty obvious that I have a love of mermaids and so it made perfect sense for me to utilise part of the word for my streaming name.

why mermaids?

I’m very much a water baby.

Growing up my sisters would joke that I would swim in Antarctica in the middle of winter because any time we would be near water, I would want to jump in.

A couple of years back I made a comment to Nic about wishing I could have a mermaid tail after seeing a mermaid blanket; which lead to Nic finding out that there were shops that sell mermaid tails for adults.

That lead me to finding out about professional mermaids! Since then, it had become a goal of mine to get myself a swimmable mermaid tail; but in the meantime, I started purchasing a lot of wearable mermaid gear – especially leggings.

I know due to health issues that becoming a professional mermaid is low, but I just love the aesthetic around it all.

PC Gaming

I love playing PC games that allow me to build and create; often choosing the PvE version of games instead of PvP. Otherwise, I enjoy story games, ones where I get to explore worlds and history. Plus, I have a love of word games…

On stream, at the moment, you’ll see me play:

  • ARK: Survival Evolved
  • Hearthstone
  • Words on Stream
  • Phasmophobia
  • World of Warcraft

VR Gaming

VR rhythm games are what I tend to stick to when it comes to streaming VR games. The main reason is because I suffer from motion sickness and so I tend to play games on stream that won’t make me feel sick. I play other games outside of streams though.

On stream the games I play (or will soon start) include:

  • Synth Riders
  • Beat Saber
  • Audica
  • AudioTrip
  • Space Slurpies